Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Chris Barber Jazz Diaries - Featuring Mark Knopfler (REPOST)



BBC Radio 2 studios Maida Vale, London, UK

February 5th, 2001

This is a very nice radio show that Mark Knopfler did for Chris Barber in his radio show the Jazz Diaries. They recorded four songs exclusively for this show, two instrumentals and two with vocals. Interesting to hear Mark Knopfler play with a jazz band and nice interview in this one hour show. Mark Knopfler joins at about half time in the show - the part about Mark Knopfler is from track 8 to track 18. Goin' home is not the Mark Knopfler song, and it is played only by the Chris Barber Band, also recorded exclusively for this radio show. Perfect sound quality.

1. Isle of Capri [B]

2. Talking

3. I can't be satisfied (Muddy Waters)

4. Talking

5. Sweet Georgia Brown (John Lewis)

6. Talking

7. Ory's Creole Trombone (Kid Ory)

8. Introduction

9. Blues stay away from me [A]

10. Talking

11. Sultans of swing (Dire Straits)

12. Interview

13. Dallas rag [A]

14. Interview

15. I'll see you in my dreams [A]

16. Interview
17. The next time I'm in town [A]

18. Talking

19. Goin' home [B]

20. Talking

21. Better git it in your soul (Charles Mingus - CD)

[A] Chris Barber Band & Mark Knopfler - special recording for this show
[B] Chris Barber Band - special recording for this show

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Asking for your cooperation

As you all know, markknopflermusic is not affiliated or sponsored by Mark Knopfler in any way, I do this because I love the music of Mark and like to share it with everyone. However, the site generates expenses, and this has been a hard year in which I have been unemployed.

I don't like asking for anything but right now, if I don't ask for your donations for the site expenses, and what little we do here to share the wonderful music of Mark, will shut down in a month or so.

You can donate here and thank your for all the years you've shown support to this little space. Any donation makes a great difference.