Monday, July 4, 2016

Mark Knopler - Guitar Dreams

1. Why Aye Man
2. Quality Shoe
3. So Far Away
4. Sailing To Philadelphia
5. Brothers In Arms
6. Speedway At Nazareth
7. Small Potatoes
8. Let's See You
9. The Long Highway
10. Camerado
11. Do America
12. Going Home
13. Baloney Again
14. El Macho
15 My Claim To Fame
16. Mademoiselle Will Decide

1, 2. Recorded live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England, 24th July 2002.
3. Recorded live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England, 25th July 2002.
4, 5, 6. Recorded live at the Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, 3rd May 2001.
07. Previously unreleased studio track recorded in 2002, during the "The Ragpicker's Dream" sessions.
08, 9, 10, 11. Previously unreleased studio tracks recorded in 2000 during the "Sailing To Philadelpha" sessions.
12. Recorded for Taratata TV Italy in November 2000.
13,14. Recorded at WDR2 studios Cologne, Germany in October 2000.
15. Previously unreleased studio track recorded in 1996 during the "Golden Heart" sessions.
16. recorded Monday 24th September 2001.

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Mark Knopfler - Rare Sessions I - Repost

Various Soundboards

A. Mark Knopfler interview and acoustic pieces of songs, 1990
B. Calling Elvis, Tunnel of love, Iron hand, 1991
C. Mark Knopfler singing, Roger Scott Tribute, 1989
D. Only vocals live, UK TV, 1990
E. French TV, 1984
F. Mark Knopfler and Alan Clark, Dutch TV, 1983
G. Dire Straits at the David Letterman show, 1985
H. German TV documentary about Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1987
I. UK childrens TV program, 1989
J. Mark Knopfler at the David Letterman show, 1996
K. Mark Knopfler and Tom Jones, 1996
L. Mark Knopfler and Jimmy Nail, 1995

1. Chet Atkins documentary [A]
2. Acoustic pieces of songs [B]
3. Feel like going home [C]
4. Your own sweet way [D]
5. Mark Knopfler French TV jam [E]
6. Wild theme [F]
7. Expresso love [G]
8. In Private & In Public Part I [H]
9. In Private & In Public Part II [H]
10. In Private & In Public Part III [H]
11. Ghost of Faffner Hall [I]
12. Cannibals [J]
13. Feel like going home [K]
14. Love [L]
15. Big river [L]
16. Eastbound train [L]

Very rare material, some highlights are for example the Tom Jones and Mark Knopfler version of Feel like going home and the rare material that Mark Knopfler wrote for Lady Di and the childrens TV programme music.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler - Beetle Clasher - REPOST

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, February 3rd, 1989, featuring Mark Knopfler!


1. Opening & Crossroads
2. White Room
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Bell Bottom Blues
5. Lay Down Sally
6. Wonderful Tonight
7. Wanna Make Love to You
8. After Midnight
9. Can't Find My Way Home
10. Forever Man


1. Same Old Blues
2. Tearing Us Apart
3. Cocaine
4. Layla


1. Solid Rock
2. Behind The Mask
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. Closing

Complete version of this wonderful concert in superb sound quality, best available! This version is even better than the Twelfth Night bootleg which is from the same concert, better sound and it also includes Solid Rock (not included on the Twelfth Night). A must for all true fans of Clapton and Knopfler. Highly recommandable!

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