Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dire Straits - On Every Demo - Repost

Studio, 1990-1992 

1. Calling Elvis (demo)
2. On every street (demo)
3. The bug (demo)
4. Heavy fuel (demo)
5. Iron hand (live, Timothy White sessions)
6. The long highway (live, Timothy White sessions)
7. Millionaire blues (B-side from Calling Elvis)
8. Kingdom come (B-side from Heavy fuel)
9. Calling Elvis (remix by Bob Clearmountain)
10. I think I love you too much (live, Knebworth)

Tracks 1-4: alternative demo versions
Tracks 5-6: Timothy White sessions
Tracks 7-8: B-sides
Track 9: alternative single mix
Track 10: live version

This is the collection of demos, remixes, B-sides, alternative versions of the songs that was made for On every street, except for the song The long highway and the live version of I think I love you too much from Knebworth 1990. The Calling Elvis demo version is now for the first time ever available for fans. It is not so very different from the original version, but has got another short drum/counting in intro and is shorter, mostly interesting for the die hard fans. The other demos are for the first time available in better sound quality and also in correct speed. The two Timothy White Sessions songs have got improved sound quality and a few seconds longer outro on The long highway. I think I love you too much was originally meant for On every street but was given to Jeff Healey. In other words; songs 6-8 and 10 in this collection could have been on On every street but was "thrown away". Good or bad? Listen and find out...