Thursday, August 9, 2012

I don't forget any of you, this is your blog

I am working on a system able to receive donations for the blog, since several have asked. Paypal could be an option.

Write me a line if you have any thoughts.

Meanwhile watch a video.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Looking for Alternatives

As you all may have noticed, Fileserve no longer allows sharing files, thus is no longer an option for the continuous functionality of the site/blog.

Therefore, if any of you can suggest an option ranging the 10 dollar/Euro monthly for the upload and transfer of the files, I'd be delighted to try and keep the MarkKnopflerMusic Project alive.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Eric Clapton - Atlanta '74 Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Today Eric Clapton turns 67 years of age, to celebrate it we post The Atlanta '74 at the Omni. Hope you enjoy and...

Happy birthday Eric!!!!

Eric Clapton
Omni Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia, August 1st, 1974

1. Smile
2. Let It Grow
3. Mainline Florida
4. Bright Lights, Big City
5. Tell The Truth
6. Willie And The Hand Jive/Get Ready
7. Let It Rain
8. Badge
9. Layla (featuring Pete Townshend)
10. Baby, Don't You Do It (featuring Pete Townshend)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Dire Straits - Wembley Arena 10/07/85 - Superstar Concert Series (REPOST)

Wembley Arena, London, UK, July 10th, 1985

1. J. J. Jackson Intro
2. So far away
3. Private investigations
4. J. J. Jackson Intro
5. Money for nothing
6. Walk of life
7. Why worry
8. J. J. Jackson Intro
8. The man's too strong
9. Brothers in arms
10. J. J. Jackson Intro
11. Hank B. Marvin Introduction by Mark Knopfler
12. Going Home
13. J. J. Jackson Outro and credits

Perfect sound quality, this is a bootleg that a fan must have! Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Superstar concert series". One of the best versions of So far away and a very powerful Money for nothing, plus Going home with Shadows's Hank B. Marvin on Going Home.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dire Straits &Various - Prince's Trust Rock Gala 1986 - REPOST

Wembley Arena, London, UK, June 20th, 1986


Disc 1

1. In a big Country - Big Country
2. Marlene on the Wall - Suzanne Vega
3. Hot Water - Level 42
4. Your Song - Elton John
5. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
6. Better be good to me - Tina Turner
7. Tearing us Apart - Tina Turner
8. Call of the Wild - Midge Ure
9. Money for Nothing - Mark Knopfler

Disc 2

1. Mark Knopfler introducing Paul Young
2. Everytime you go away - Paul young
3. Reach Out - Joan Armatrading
4. No one is to blame - Howard Jones
5. Sailing - Rod Stewart
6. I`m still standing - Elton John
7. Everytime you go away - Paul young & George Michael
8. I saw her standing there - Paul Mcartney
9. Long Tall Sally - Paul Mcartney
10. Get back - Paul Mcartney and the All Stars

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Prince's Trust, Wembley Arena witnessed The Prince's Trust All-Star Rock Concert, this concert featured many great performers, including Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Sting, Paul McCartney among others, Mark Knopfler Plays in several of the song, apart from Money for nothing, i specially  like Suzanne Vega's Marlene on the wall, well worth downloading, I extracted the audio from the VCD, excellent Soundboard.

Mark Knopfler & EmmyLou Harris - Arena di Verona 2006

Soundboard recording from the All the roadrunning tour 2006, recorded at the beautiful arena of Verona. Great versions.
Intro part one (reporter)
Right now
Red staggerwing
I dug up a diamond
Born to run
Red dirt girl
Band introduction
Done with Bonaparte
Romeo and Juliet
Song for Sonny Liston


Intro part two (reporter)
Belle Starr
This is us
Boulder to Birmingham
All the roadrunning
Speedway at Nazareth
If this is goodbye
So far away
Our Shangri-La
Why worry

Saturday, January 7, 2012

200,000 visitor contest


As an idea i have for all of you that make the blog, i will send a bootleg of their choice (CD-R of course) to the 200,00 visitor. just send me the real screen capture of this special number for the blog and we'll have a winner!

Because you've have made the blog what it is now...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Memoriam

One of the best SRV bootlegs out there. 2 shows on 3 CD's (Philadelphia 83 is the first CD, Montreal '84 is the second and third CD's). Sound quality is just perfect. Awesome

Disc 1:

1. Testify 3:59
2. So Excited 4:19
3. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 7:44
4. Pride And Joy 5:02
5. Texas Flood 9:58
6. Love Struck Baby 3:09
7. Mary Had A Little Lamb 2:59
8. Tin Pan Alley 8:31
9. Little Wing /3rd stone from the sun 12:30
10. Lenny 5:39
11. Rude Mood 5:20
12. Tell Me 3:31
13. In the open 4:59

Disc 2:

1. Say What 4:46
2. Testify 4:31
3. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 12:07
4. The Things (That) I Used To Do 5:29
5. Honey Bee 2:30
6. Mary Had A Little Lamb 3:29
7. Couldn't Stand The Weather 5:04
8. Cold Shot 4:07
9. Tin Pan Alley 10:12

Disc 3:

1. Love Struck Baby 3:15
2. Tell Me 3:16
3. Texas Flood 8:47
4. Wham 5:59
5. Stang's Swang 3:08
6. Lenny 11:12
7. Pride And Joy 4:27
8. Rude Mood 4:45

MP3 320 kbps

Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Last Child

Hollywood Palace, Los Angeles, CA, november 30th, 1983

01 Kyla's Theme
02 Schoolgirl
03 Pride and Joy
04 Mary Had a Little Lamb
05 Trouble
06 Love Struck Baby
07 Voodoo Chile
08 Little Wing
09 3rd Stone From the Sun
10 You'll Be Mine
11 Love House (Rude Mood)
12 Colletti's Torch Song

Excelent soundboard of a passionate session!!!