Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back in business!

After a few months of inactivity on my behalf due to workload, i am able to work again in the blog.

I changed the design as a reminder that www.markknopflermusic.com will/must not die. I will change from Rapidshare to fileserve, since Rapidshare is pretty useleess now. Hopefully here won't delete files as much, so iI will be reposting the most downloaded ones while posting new Mark Knopfler's Boots.

Thank you all for your messages and emails, I've read and apreciate every one of them.

For the time being I will rarely upload FLAC or lossless/uncompressed files, sorry, but my Upload Speed is not that fast to do FLACS.

For those of you asking about the simfy live Get Lucky 2010 Tour recordings:

Yes, i bought them all spending a lot of money, and no, I will not be posting these, since you can still get them for 14.95 here.

Cheers and i hope you'll all enjoy the new look.

The first Repost will be the first post this place ever had:

Los Angeles 2001, May 20th 2001