Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dire Straits - Mannheim '79

Rosengarten, Mannheim, Germany, February 14th, 1979


Disc 1

1. Down to the waterline *
2. Six blade knife *
3. Once upon a time in the west *
4. Lady writer
5. Single handed sailor
6. Water of love
7. In the gallery
8. Follow me home
9. News
10. What's the matter baby?

Disc 2

1. Lions
2. Sultans of swing
3. Wild west end
4. Where do you think you're going?
5. Eastbound train
6. Southbound again
7. Angel of mercy

Very nice audience recording, even features some music before the concert starts. The first three songs are taken from another (unknown) source and have less good sound. Good recording, little bit of hiss but still very nice.

Part 1 Part 2


  1. Cuando tus seguidores pensábamos que ya no postearías nada, apareces como Paul Newman en "The color of the money" y compruebo que "has vuelto"
    Gracias por volver se te echaba de menos.
    Y recuerda, "Simply the best"

    Alberto un español en República Dominicana