Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton - Music for Montserrat

September 15th, 1997, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK


On September 15th, 1997, Royal Albert Hall in London was the venue for the benefit concert Music for Montserrat, organized by Sir George and Lady Martin together with Harvey Goldsmith to raise money to help the victims of the Soufriere Volcano on Montserrat’s island erupting since mid 1993, Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton were two of the many guest artists for this event, Mark Knopfler played the Wild Theme with Guy Fletcher, but was edited out the VHS and DVD, I like this Wild Theme very much because mark did not play his Red Strat, he used his Les Paul and the sound and feeling of the song is very unique, really beautiful, judge by yourselves.

On this CD are only the songs they played whether together or by themselves, I have not included the ones where they were part of the band for someone else.


Wild Theme - Mark Knopfler
Brothers in arms - Mark Knopfler
Money for nothing - Mark Knopfler
Broken hearted - Eric Clapton
Layla - Eric Clapton
Same old blues - Eric Clapton



  1. Link doesn't work. Can this be reupped? Thanks

  2. request rar password...

  3. god bless for your effort. I have all the DS albums and all the Mark Knopfler albums except the soundtrack of local hero.

    Thanks for this


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