Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mark Knopfler - On Finnish TV Interviews

Different Studios, Finland, December 2000



1. Interview on the "45 minuuttia" program
2. Interview on the "Joonas Hytönen Show"
3. Lenni-Kalle Taipale Quartet playing a curious version of Sultans of swing
4. Interview on the "Huomenta Suomi" morning television show

Recordings of a few shows that Mark Knopfler did to promote his new album Sailing to Philadelphia. All recorded in December 2000. The Joonas Hytönen Show was recorded on 8th December 2000. I don't know the recording dates of the other two interviews, but it must have been in December 2000 since the promotion tour ended that month. Joonas Hytönen Show is particularly amusing. Joonas, the host, asks a bunch of silly questions that are not the most common ones, like who is the girl in the Money for nothing video clip and did you meet Madonna in Notting Hill? After Joonas' interview the house band for the show, Lenni-Kalle Taipale Quartet, plays an interesting arrangement of Sultans of swing. The other interviews are interesting too. The interviews are all in English with a few quick words in Finnish inbetween questions. Good sound quality on all tracks.