Monday, May 4, 2009

Mark Knopfler - Antique Theatre, Vaison, 1996

A. Theatre Antique, Vaison, France, 3rd August, 1996
B. Theatre Antique, Vaison, France, 2nd August, 1996


Disc 1

1. Interview
2. Intro
3. Darling pretty
4. Walk of life
5. Imelda
6. The bug
7. Rüdiger
8. Je suis désolé
9. Calling Elvis
10. I'm the fool
11. Last exit to Brooklyn
12. Romeo and Juliet

Disc 2

1. Sultans of swing
2. Done with Bonaparte
3. Father and son
4. Golden heart
5. Water of love
6. Cannibals
7. Telegraph road
8. Brothers in arms
9. Money for nothing

Disc 3

1. A night in summer long ago
2. The long highway
3. Going home
4. Interview


1. Darling pretty [B]
2. Walk of life [B]
3. Imelda [B]

Soundboard recording taken from master source so the sound is really excellent, as good as it can get! I'm the fool is taken from the Polish radio broadcast and it has got some slight hiss. Calling Elvis suffers from some slight distortion at the high volume parts. It is the complete concert, it even includes the music they played before the concert as well as interview before and after the concert and it also includes some of the talking between songs that was cut away on the master source to make it absolutely complete. This show includes one of the best versions of Calling Elvis and Water of love. As a bonus an audience recording is included of the songs Mark Knopfler and his band played the day before, on 2nd August 1996, same location. They had to cancel that concert after a couple of songs because of the bad weather, it was raining a lot.

Part 1 Part 2