Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mark Knofpler - The Golden Demos

Recording studio, London, UK, 1994-1995



1. No wonder he's confused - take #1
2. No wonder he's confused - take #2
3. Secondary Waltz
4. I'm the fool
5. Done with Bonaparte
6. A night in summer long ago
7. The Lily of the West
8. Instrumental #1
9. Instrumental #2
10. Instrumental #3

This is a totally unique recording! Taken from the soundboard during the Golden Heart sessions somewhere in 1994-1995. The last song is really great, but not written by Mark Knopfler unfortunately. The sound quality is very good, but suffers a little bit from hiss.



  1. I already had this, but I can really recommend it. The tape hiss actually makes it sound even more authentic and the "lilly" version on here is great.
    Get it people!

  2. This blog is based on yours, but your links are his!?!!? Sorry, I'm not getting it.....

    Why not post a link to your blog so we can all see for ourselves?

  3. Pay no atention to that leech my friend, link's changed, he won't want to leech that file no more.

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