Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dire Straits - Rare Sessions II

A. Hope & Anchor Front Row festival
B. Demo, 1977
C. Demo, 1980
D. Studio sessions from Arena 1980
E. From Honky Tonk demos, July 1977
F. Mark Knopfler and Jeff Baxter, 1991
G. Bob Clearmountain remix, 1991
H. On every street - monitor mixes 5th February 1991
I. Guitar Techniques - December 1995
J. Secret Policeman´s Third Ball
K. Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler - Infidels studio sessions, 1983



1. Eastbound train [A]
2. Real girl [B]
3. Solid rock [C]
4. Unknown [D]
5. Making movies [D]
6. Sultans of swing [E]
7. Unknown [F]
8. Unknown [F]
9. Calling Elvis [G]
10. On every street [H]
11. The bug [H]
12. Heavy fuel [H]
13. Sultans of swing [I]
14. Sultans of swing [I]
15. I´ll see you in my dreams [J]
16. Imagine [J]
17. This was my love [K]

Another great CD with various rare songs collected.