Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dire Straits - Madrid, June 28th 1983 REQUEST

Estadio Ramón Valero, Madrid, Spain, June 28th, 1983


Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Once upon a time in the west
3. Industrial disease
4. Expresso love
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Love over gold
7. Private investigations
8. Sultans of swing

Disc 2

1. Twisting by the pool
2. Two young lovers
3. Portobello belle
4. Tunnel of love
5. Telegraph road
6. Solid rock
7. Going home

Good sounding recording. This is the speed-corrected version. Great versions and complete concert.

Part 1 Part 2

Hi-Res Artwork

Front Back


  1. Many thanks for posting this at my request. As soon as I can put together a list of some of the material I have, I'll send it off to you.
    I appreciate this one, in the meantime.

  2. You are very welcome my friend

  3. Yo estuve allí... Y fue maravilloso. Y más maravilloso ha sido encontrar este bootleg so many years ago.

    Muchísimas gracias.


  4. I think the link is not working.... :-(

  5. Hola,
    ¿Cómo puedo descargarme este concierto?