Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dire Straits - The Demos

Pathway Studios, Islington (London), UK, July 27th, 1977


1. Wild west end
2. Sultans of swing
3. Down to the waterline
4. Water of love
5. Southbound again
6. In the gallery
7. Six blade knife
8. Setting me up
9. Eastbound train

Demos for Dire Straits' first album. Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Early demos". Information from the official Mark Knopfler site: "On the 27th of July 1977, Dire Straits recorded the now famous demo tapes of five songs: Wild west end, Sultans of swing, Down to the waterline, Sacred loving and Water of love. In what was probably October 1977, they recorded Southbound again, In the gallery and Six blade knife for BBC Radio London. Finally, on the 9th of November 1977, demo tapes were made of Setting me up, Eastbound train and Real girl. Many of these songs reflected Mark's experiences in Newcastle, Leeds and London, and were to be featured on the first Dire Straits album the following year." The recordings on this CD feature most of these demo songs. Very rare recording and a version of Setting me up that is really different from the version that was later released on the first album. The recording plays a bit too fast, apart from that pretty good sound quality.