Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dire Straits - Brothers in Mark

A. Mark Knopfler and Waylon Jennings
B. The Timothy White sessions 1991 live in the studio
C. Secret Policeman's third ball featuring Chet Atkins
D. Infildels studio sessions with Bob Dylan
E. Radio sessions - The Notting Hillbillies 1990
F. Front row festival nov.22 - dec.15 1977
G. Mark Knopfler and the Chieftains
H. Mark knopfler, Hank Marvin & Jeff Lynne
I. On every street - monitor mixes 05-02-91
J. Live on tour with Bob Dylan - Sevilla, Spain 1992



1. Learning the game [A]
2. Two young lovers [B]
3. Iron hand [B]
4. Wild theme [B]
5. Long highway [B]
6. I'll see you in my dreams [C]
7. Imagine [C]
8. This was my love [D]
9. When it comes to you [E]
10. Tennessee blues [E]
11. Feel like going home [E]
12. That's where I belong [E]
13. Blues stay away from me [E]
14. Eastbound train [F]
15. Lily of the west [G]
16. Wonderful land [H]
17. The bug [I]
18. Heavy fuel [I]
19. On every street [I]
20. All along the watch tower [J]

Very good compilation CD with great sound. Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Brothers in Mark". Rare stuff is the key word of this CD. The monitor mixes of On every street are one of the things that make this CD well worth having. My personal favorite on this CD is the version of I'll see you in my dreams Mark plays with Chet Atkins.