Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chet Atkins - Chet Atkins & Friends

Neely Auditorium, Nashville, USA, May 1987.

1. Intro (CA & MK)
2. I'll see you in my dreams (CA & MK)
3. Walk of life (MK & CA)
4. Interview & medley (EB, CA, MK)
All I have to do is dream, By bye love, Wake up little Suzie
5. Why worry (EB, CA, MK)
6. Precious memories (EH)
7. Waltz for the lonely (CA)
8. I keep forgetting (MM)
9. Rose in paradise (WJ)
10. Good hearted woman (WJ, WN)
11. Island in the sea (WN)
12. Sunrise (CA)
13. Imagine (CA, MK)
14. I still can't say goodbye (CA)
15. Corinna Corinna (All)

CA: Chet Atkins
MK: Mark Knopfler
EB: Everly Brothers (Don and Phil Everly)
EH: Emmylou Harris
MM: Michael McDonald
WJ: Waylon Jennings
WN: Willie Nelson

A TV show by and with Chet Atkins and some of his closest friends. Very emotional for Mark Knopfler, he was playing with his childhood heroes, Chet Atkins and the Everly Brothers. The highlight is when Everly brothers sings MK's song Why Worry. Also emotional when Chet sings a song about his father, I Still Can't Say Goodbye. Mark Knopfler plays guitar on all songs. The sound is good, taken from official video (which is very hard to get!).