Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dire Straits - Rotterdam '78

Stadsschouwburg, Rotterdam, Holland, October 19th 1978

1. Down to the waterline
2. Six blade knife
3. Water of love
4. Once upon a time in the west
5. Lady writer
6. In the gallery
7. Wild west end
8. What's the matter baby
9. Lions
10. Sultans of swing
11. Eastbound train
12. Southbound again
13. Dutch radio reporter

This is a very good sounding radio recording from Holland when the first Dire Straits LP had been released. Note that Once upon a time in the west and Lady writer were played one year before the release of Communiqué. The version of Eastbound train is really excellent! This bootleg is a bit more complete than "Rotterdam 1978" as this one also includes a great version of Southbound again and the closure of the radio broadcast by the radio reporter.