Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mark Knopfler - Dutch Edison Award 2003

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland, March 6th, 2003

1. Short intro by René Froger
2. Intro of the show by Patricia Paay and Adam Curry
3. Announcement # 1 Mark Knopfler

4. Announcement # 2 Mark Knopfler

5. Announcement # 3 Mark Knopfler

6. TV commecial for the album Sultans of Swing - The very best of Dire Straits

7. Introduction for the performance of Mark Knopfler

8. Walk of life (live)

9. Devil baby (
10. Presenting the Edison Award to Mark Knopfler

11. What it is (live)

12. Outro by the host

13. What it is - instrumental (live) played during the ending of the show

Mark Knopfler has won the Dutch Edison Award for his entire career (category Pop). He received this awars during a live show which was also broadcasted on television. Very nice because Mark was the last one to be on stage and played 3 songs live! After Mark ended What it is the band stopped for about one minute, the 'we want more' came, and then he re-started that song from the middle. Very remarkable and played very cool!